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Family Arbitration, Victoria BCSince 2013, Family Arbitration has been a recognized option for resolving separation and divorce disputes. Only Certified Family Law Arbitrators are allowed to deal with family law disputes. At Victoria Mediation Services, Michael Butterfield was one of the first Arbitrators in BC to be certified for family law matters.

Family law arbitration is a formal process similar to being in court. The parties prepare evidence, they testify before the arbitrator, and the arbitrator gives a written decision that is binding, like a court order.

Lawyers are essential in family law arbitration. We do not conduct family law arbitrations without the involvement of lawyers. This is to ensure that the parties are treated fairly and their rights are protected.

The Arbitration Advantage

Speed — The process can be started and resolved quickly. The procedures can be streamlined and many bureaucratic hurdles associated with court can be avoided.

Efficient — Although the parties have to pay for the arbitration, it is often more efficient and streamlined than going through the courts.

Confidential — With few exceptions, arbitration takes place in private and remains private.

Finality — The Arbitrator’s decision is final and binding. The right of appeal is limited and appeals are rare.